Chad Howse’s The Man Diet Review

The Man Diet Review : Chad Howse

Intro: The Man Diet Review

Men have been displaying lower levels of testosterone in the last 20 years. On average, testosterone levels have decreased by as much as 25% across all ages. This decrease in testosterone has led to four major problems:

• Impotence and low sex drive
• Feminine fat and man boobs
• Inability to build lean and strong muscle
• Increases in depression, disease, and cancer

Apparently, no one wants to feel like they’re less of a man because they can’t perform, are growing man boobs, and can’t build muscle. On top of that, we all want to be healthy. So what can you do to address this growing trend among men? There’s a simple answer to that question — The Man Diet.

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What is The Man Diet?

The Man Diet. A simple name for a program that takes on a relatively complex problem – finding a lifestyle for men that enhances fat loss but ensures muscle building. Creator Chad Howse’s years of research and experimentation have led him to discover the secret to the diet that, he claims, will permanently restore your manhood and give your life the kick it needs. What’s the secret? Maintaining optimal testosterone levels – naturally.

Purchasing the diet plan gets you access to The Man Diet’s Main Manual as well as other resources that will keep men on track with the lifestyle to make sure that the results aren’t just one time, but are long-lasting and noticeable.


Who came up with the Man Diet?

The brilliant man that came up with this product is Chad Howse, a fitness advocate for over thirty years, boxer, and writer for Men’s Health, Elite FTS, Men’s Fitness,, and The Art of Manliness. He came up with the idea of a diet specifically tailored for the male gender after he experienced several physique-related issues.

Howse was one of the people in the industry who recognized how diets are mostly geared towards women, while men are left to their own devices. His diet program compiles years of research and provides an extensive collection of relevant information, tips, and techniques into one concise product.


What do I get in the whole package?

You may be wondering what you’ll be getting in the package. Let’s take a look:

1. The Main Manual: the step-by-step guide on how to keep the testosterone levels optimal, loaded with routines, diets, and environmental factors that will affect testosterone.
2. The Supplement Guide: this guide goes through vitamins and supplements and lets you know what’s helping and what’s hindering.
3. The Meal Log: this log will help maintain your diet on your schedule. The Man Diet is meant for all men, regardless of your daily routine.
4. The Cheater’s Guide: this guide keeps you in the loop on what sweets and crave-satisfying treats are OK to have without disrupting your testosterone levels.
5. The Cook Book: the cookbook provides recipes that are meant to boost testosterone production and keep you golden.


What are the benefits of The Man Diet?

According to the many reviews of satisfied customers regarding the diet, it is clear that there are many benefits of sticking to the prescribed program.

The program is very simple and straightforward. The techniques and solutions are easy to follow and don’t require any special attention. It doesn’t involve any specific type of diet food that promises “low fat” or “low-carb” either, so it doesn’t make you miserable by starving you or making you crave for your favorite foods.

By eating as prescribed by the diet, you will be raising your testosterone levels naturally, so any chemical imbalance caused by preservatives or artificial hormonal supplements will be avoided. Taking away the need to take testosterone replacement therapy will also make sure that the frequent doses of testosterone do not tell your body to stop the natural production of the hormone.

Additionally, since your testosterone levels go up, you will also notice a rise in your sex drive, a decrease in feminine fat, an increase in lean muscle mass, and maybe even a happier and more content disposition.

What are the pros and cons of the diet?

Of course, no diet is perfect. Every diet on the market has its pros and cons, and the Man Diet is no exception. To give a clearer picture of what the diet is like, here’s a short list of its pros and cons:


– This diet is adaptable to any man’s schedule. Early shift, mid shift, night shift, or all of the above, the Man Diet can work for you no matter when you work.

– There’s no calorie counting. It’s all about what you’re eating, not how much you are eating.

– This product is electronic, and you will receive it in minutes.

– Good for men of any age. Whether you’re a 20-year-old or reaching your 80s, this diet is for you.

– It’s backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

– It’s relatively cheap, and only requires a one time purchase — no recurring monthly fees!


– It’s tough to follow if you’re a vegan/vegetarian.

– It’s not designed for women.

– Results aren’t immediate. You need to give it some time.

– Men with medical conditions or taking medications are advised to first consult their physician before trying this out.


Who can benefit from the product?

All men have the opportunity to benefit from the Man Diet. As long as you have the patience, discipline, and desire to see it through, you have the chance to really change yourself for the better. If we look over the whole of the Man Diet, it’s not just any other diet or lifestyle that promises to change your life for the better.

This was developed from years of research and trial and error. What’s more impressive is that it’s designed for men and their body chemistry. Its bedrock is on the testosterone levels of men and how that impacts the way they process fats, sugars, and proteins and develop fat or muscle based on hormone levels.

Conclusion: The Man Diet Review

Hopefully, this review was able to shed some light on Chad Howse’s diet. Considering all the details discussed in this review, this diet is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a gender-specific program that caters to the needs of the male population.

Most men will likely have an unregulated diet where they eat whatever they think is best. This program gives them a structure to follow and provides them with alternative means of supplying their bodies with nutrients that they need as men.

This program is also perfect for anyone who is tired of eating the same old diet food they find on the shelves of their grocery stores. It proves that they can eat regular food without having to worry about it throwing off their diet. It does have a fair share of additional supplements that you need to take to cover the vitamin requirements, but it’s a small adjustment to make for a relatively manageable diet plan.

If you don’t believe us, take a look yourself and see how this program differs from all the other ones on the market. We feel it’s simple, straightforward, and it works, based on the feedback they’ve already received. Give it a go!

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